JDM engines (Japanese Domestic Market) are being used with a lot of enthusiasm by car owners in the US or Europe because of the many advantages they have over domestic engines. Due to many restrictions and official regulations in Japan, JDM engines are usually in excellent shape when they’re recycled or sold off as second hand components. The biggest reason to install a JDM engine in your car (a.k.a. performing an engine swap) is that these imported engines go through minimum strain when they’re used by the Japanese, making them perfect components for you to use for replacement or improvement purposes.

There are 3 main reasons for JDM engines to have low mileage compared to here in Europe or North America.

1. They reply mostly on public transportation.
2. Costs of driving a car in Japan are high.
3. They must pass a inspected called “Shaken” which determines if a car is still suitable to be driven on Japanese roads. As vehicles get older, maintaining them at the standards required by the shaken can become expensive. This is because beyond the tuner scene, most Japanese do not get involved in mechanical repairs, and as a result, mechanics can charge high prices. Vehicles which cannot pass inspection are not allowed to be driven on public roads. Unwanted vehicles must be destroyed and recycled, or as some do to make more profit, export the vehicle. As a result, many Japanese used vehicles are exported to other nations right before or after their Shaken is up.

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